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A different perspective

A different perspective

Our different perspective.

Real estate can be a funny thing. I’ve learned that there is no such thing as a “normal” deal. All deals have been completely different. Sure you have the main parts and contracts that will be the same but then come the nuances depending on either the house, the seller’s or buyer’s situations and needs or all of it together. Mix in some major foundation issues, lender required repairs etc. and you’ve got a bee-hive of a stickiness that you have to navigate to keep the deal going.

This is where creativity comes in to play. That’s right, creativity. Good agents know all about this but others just don’t have it in them. They can’t think past the words in a document or what they’re told on the phone by a lender or title agent. Sometimes we have to realize that not everybody has the experience needed in these certain nuanced situations to think outside of the box to get around a problem. Creative problem solving is one of our strengths. We get a lot of help and guidance from my father-in-law Pete, who is a master at being able to see a problem and get around it creatively that other people just don’t even know about.

It’s best to avoid any of those types of situations and we can help you do that! We want the smoothest deal possible. Are you thinking about remodeling then selling? Do you know if you’re hurting or helping sell your house? Maybe you don’t need to do it. We have a great track record of deals that took creativity to get done. Especially when it comes to marketing homes that are hard to sell for whatever reason. If you are looking to buy or sell and think you have a special situation or house, call us before you list it and let’s discuss any possible scenarios so that you can have the smoothest transaction possible.

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